Track Record

Below are examples of successful stock analyses which were published on the blog:

$TWTR: Twitter Inc.

In a 5/7/17 post, I noted the significance of the $20 level for bulls to overcome, stating: "If the stock can achieve a close above this level on a monthly basis the initiation of a longer term bullish reversal would be confirmed by further momentum to the upside if it leads to a subsequent close above $20 on a monthly basis."

In December 2017, $TWTR traded as high as $25.56 after closing out the months of October and November above $20, its first two consecutive monthly closes above $20 since 2015.  The stock finished 2017 at $24.01.

$FB : Facebook Inc.

In an 8/2/15 post, I noted that the bears were likely to apply selling pressure and could potentially spur a decline in the stock towards the gap zone between $91.50 and $92. By 8/12/15, this pullback was realized, when $FB traded just below $91.50 intraday.

$LNKD : LinkedIn Corp.

In a 5/6/15 post, I noted that the bulls were likely to regroup their strength and attempt a gap fill to the upside if the $190 support level was held on any further selling pressure. On 5/18/15, $LNKD traded as low as $191 but the bulls strongly defended price and the stock closed at $198.38. On 6/1/15, $LNKD closed above $200 for the first time since 5/12/15. By 6/4/15, $LNKD traded as high as $217.21.

$GM : General Motors Company

In a 3/24/15 post, I noted that price action and technical signals were indicating a potential shift in sentiment in favor of the bears, with support levels to watch for at $38 and between $35.50-$36. By 4/7/15, $GM broke below $36 and closed at $35.73.

$VSLR : Vivint Solar Inc.

In a 3/7/15 post, I noted that the stock was likely to continue its bullish momentum push towards the $13 - $14 level if it could breach $12. On 3/17/15, $VSLR closed above $12 for the first time since November 2014. By 3/19/15, the stock had traded as high as $13.56.

$CF : CF Industries Holdings, Inc.

In a 1/13/15 post, I noted that the $300 level was resistance on the daily time frame after the stock had rallied nearly $60 over the prior four weeks. Price action analysis was indicative of a potential pullback in the near term. The next day, $CF fell from $298 to as low as $286.

$WWE : World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.

In a 7/6/14 post, I noted that the $12 level was resistance on the daily chart and that the rising Relative Strength Index was indicative of a bullish move likely in favor.

By 8/5/14, $WWE had surpassed $13.

By 9/15/14, $WWE traded as high as the $15s, but I noted that it was now at a crossroads due to long-term resistance levels overhead. A month later, WWE was trading in the low $12s.

 $Z : Zillow Inc.

In a 7/5/14 post, I noted that the $140 level was support on the daily chart for the bulls to hold.

In a 7/7/14 post, I noted that the $140 support level was broken; this to me was a signal to go short for a scalp.

By 7/10/14, $Z had traded as low as $124.

In a 9/27/14 post, I noted that $Z closed below $123 on 9/26, a key support level on the weekly chart.

By 10/13/14, $Z was trading as low as $105.

$BABA : Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.

In a 10/19/14 post, I noted that the $90 level was one to watch for the stock, as the bulls had not been able to close above it starting from 9/29; this date also coincided with the first day that options began trading for $BABA. The breakout signal came on 10/21, when $BABA closed above $90. It went on to rally to nearly $120 a share.

$AAPL : Apple Inc.

In a 10/9/14 post, I noted that a weekly close above $103 for $AAPL would be especially bullish.

The breakout signal came on Friday 10/24, when $AAPL closed above $103 to finish off the week at $105.22.

$AAPL went on to rally to nearly $120 a share, at which point I pointed out that a pullback was likely. $AAPL subsequently sold off.

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